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CompArea is available in the App Store; Eye Tide update in the works

Our newest app, CompArea, is now available for the iPad in the App Store. CompArea allows you to compare the size of two geographic areas or features by displaying side-by-side maps synchronized to identical scales. We developed the app to satisfy a need of our own; we're hoping others will find it as fun and useful as we did.

We also have some interesting enhancements on our "to do" list.

We're also enhancing our Eye Tide iOS app to address requests and criticisms from early users of the app:

  • Eye Tide gets its prediction values from a set of "stations" for which NOAA generates the necessary data for the predictions. Users interested in specific beaches or areas not represented in the NOAA data have found it unwieldy for finding predictions of interest. We're making it easier to find the stations closest to a location of interest, which should provide useful predictions.
  • We're adding weather prediction data from the National Weather Service, which will provide better predictions for water levels (via predicted wave heights) and beach and boating conditions.