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The now-aptly-named Tide Watch 5.1, with support for the Apple Watch (fixed in v5.1), is now available in the App Store. The Glance feature displays the current level at the location selected in the app, and the app displays predictions for the locations on the app's favorites list. V5.1 also adds settings to control visibility of sun/moon rise/set events.

We've been busy! Tide Watch v4.0 and CompArea v1.2 are now available in the App Store! Both apps are updated for iOS 8, and Tide Watch adds a new user interface for displaying and navigating between favorite and recently viewed locations.

Tide Watch 3.1 is available in the App Store; the new version allows you to specify a starting date for displayed tide predictions, making it possible to check tides more than a week in the future.

Tide Watch 3.0 is in the App Store! Aye, we changed the name, and updated it for iOS 7, which is now required. CompArea has also been updated to support and require iOS 7.

Eye Tide 2.0 is in the App Store! v2.0 adds two major significant features: map-based search makes it easier to select a location for tide predictions, and we've added National Weather Service forecast data to the tide events, which adds alerts, wave heights, wind speeds, and other useful data just in time for hurricane season. 

Our second iOS app is available in the App Store! CompArea is an iPad app that allows you to compare the size of two geographic areas or features by displaying side-by-side maps synchronized to identical scales. 

Our first iOS app, Eye Tide, is now available in the iTunes App Store. Eye Tide provides tide predictions, along with sun/moon rise&set, for hundreds of locations in the USA.

Please contact us at with questions about our software or for support for any problems you have encountered.

Problems with Apple Watch

Version 5.0 of Tide Watch, which supposedly added support for the Apple Watch, was tested on the simulator provided with Apple's development tools, accepted by Apple and released into the App Store, but failed to load on any actual Apple Watch. After hearing from users about the load failure, and finally receiving an actual Watch for testing, we have resolved the issue as of version 5.1.

We apologize for inconvenience, and we are thankful to our users for their error reports and patience, and to Apple for accommodating an expedited review request from this very small-scale developer. Please let us know if you encounter any further problems with either of our apps.