Tide Watch update
Friday, June 1, 2018 at 11:32AM
Selene Associates

After a period of some neglect, Tide Watch v5.3 is now (or about to be) available in the App Store, with the following changes:

Other than fixes for significant issues, this is the last release of Tide Watch for a while, as we undertake a re-write.

Tide Watch began as a Mac project; much of the Objective-C code pre-dates even "modern" Objective-C, let alone Swift, the new language of choice for iOS development. In fact, very few of the current "best practices" for iOS development were available when the the first version was completed. Although we have modernized parts of the code base, it is clearly ready for a re-write in Swift, along with a re-design and modern implementation of the UI.

We'll be watching the reviews and our in-box, and will maintain the existing app as necessary.


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