Eye Tide update (v1.0.1) is in the App Store
Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 10:39PM
Selene Associates in EyeTide, iOS

An update to our tide prediction app, Eye Tide v1.0.1, is now available in the App Store.


We have many more improvements in mind, including significant improvements to the chart view: better date range selection, better rendering, eliminating display glitches, etc., plus lots more. There's probably more work on our to-do list than was expended on the initial release.

At the risk of spreading ourselves too thin, we have another app in development: it's a tool that allows us to answer questions that have piqued our curiosity over the years, and we're hoping others will find it useful, too. As it turns out, iOS makes it easier to address these questions than it has ever been, so we're hoping to create some meaningful value with relatively little development effort. Stay tuned.


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